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Dave Mason - Zag Smalltalk - 30 November 2022

Dave Mason has been a professor of Computer Science at Toronto Metropolitan University (previously known as Ryerson) for 41 years. He has done research on operating systems, software reliability and programming languages. Current research is mostly around Smalltalk and other dynamic languages. If forced to program very low level projects such as virtual machines, he is willing to use Zig or Rust, but for any other purpose, he insists on using higher productivity languages - primarily Smalltalk. Zag Smalltalk is a principle-based Smalltalk VM. "Principled" means that the only 3 operations are: message send, assignment, and return. 1) it is designed from the ground up to use multi-processing, to leverage multi-core systems. 2) There is no special-casing of methods like ifTrue:ifFalse or whileTrue:, although of course some methods are implemented by primitive methods. It does aggressive inlining of methods and blocks. 3) “Source” code is maintained as ASTs. 4) Compiled code ru
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(Online) Beer and Smalltalk

For this month's meeting, we'll take it easy and have an online social! Bring your favourite drinks - beer, coffee, or whatever you prefer! This will be an online meeting from home. If you'd like to join us, please sign up in advance on the meeting's Meetup page to receive the meeting details.

ESUG 2022 Recap - 28 September 2022

After a two year pause, the ESUG conference returned this past summer when Smalltalkers from all over the world met in Novi Sad, Serbia for a week of presentations, and socials. For this month's meeting, we'll have an open discussion about what was presented at the conference. If you've been there, join us to tell us what you liked, and why. If you could not go, join us and discover what went down in Novi Sad! This will be an online meeting from home. If you'd like to join us, please sign up in advance on the meeting's Meetup page to receive the meeting details. Don’t forget to bring your laptop and drinks!

Intro to Asynchronous Programming with VAST - 31 August 2022

For this month, we'll be welcoming Instantiations ' Mariano Martinez Peck and Seth Berman, who will be talking to us about asynchronous programming in Smalltalk. Whether you’re interested in starting a new project or enhancing an existing system, asynchronous programming offers a great way to optimize application speed and help ensure maintainability as complexity increases. We’ll discuss the asynchronous programming approach, why it’s important, and show live demos in the VAST Platform of how to get started with futures/promises, asynchronous streams/zones, and more! Mariano Martinez Peck is a senior systems engineer specializing in dynamic programming language software. In 2018, he joined Instantiations to further develop the VAST Platform through the addition of new frameworks, libraries and tools, as well as improving the existing code base of VAST. He is active in the Smalltalk development community, and has used his expertise to co-author numerous open source projects.

Show'n'Tell - 27 July 2022

For this month's meeting, we'll open the floor to the whole audience and let people show what they are working on. If you have an interesting project to show, or if you'd like to get some help with some hard problem, just show up and be ready to present! This will be an online meeting from home. If you'd like to join us, please sign up in advance on the meeting's Meetup page to receive the meeting details. Don’t forget to bring your laptop and drinks!

Smalltalk and Self hardware - 29 June 2022

 For our June meeting, Merik Voswinkel will give us a presentation on Smalltalk and Self hardware with a focus on manycore parallelism and distributed computing. This follows from Jecel Assumpcao Jr's SiliconSqueak presentation at the California Smalltalkers meetup . Merik will bring us on a tour past 50 years of late bound message passing Smalltalk VMs, Smalltalk RISC processors, David Ungar’s RoarVM, adaptive compilers, concurrent aggregates, clone-reduce, a processor per object, FPGA’s, Morphle Logic, Croquet and Teatime , Wafer Scale Integration, hundred (M1 Ultra), thousands and million cores ASICs, Cuniform, Matroshca Brains and much more in our tourney towards the Wayne Gretzky invention game of inventing the future. If there is time we’ll go burning the Smalltalk disk packs, the intergalactic network GUI and the destiny of computers as intellectual amplifiers for humans pervasively networked worldwide and how we are going to communicate with Aliens. Merik Voswinkel is an i

Expressive Systems: A business application framework on top of CodeParadise - Wednesday, May 25th

For our May meeting, Object Guild's Jonathan van Alteren and Erik Stel will give us a preview of Expressive Systems. Expressive Systems is a framework inspired by Richard Pawson's work on Naked Objects . It allows Object Guild to rapidly develop flexible applications by focusing on the design of behaviorally complete objects in the business domain. By using a novel web application architecture based on CodeParadise , it allows direct manipulation of business objects by the user. The goal of the framework is to better support problem solving activities and to empower users by giving them a first-person experience. The framework is currently in a (private) alpha phase of development. There are plans to open source the framework in the future. Jonathan has been developing business applications for various Dutch companies since 2001, in roles varying from programmer to solution architect. In 2018, he got hooked on Pharo/Smalltalk and never looked back. Erik has developed both techn