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Siren9 and CSL6 - Frameworks and Applications for Sound/Music Creation and Processing - Wednesday, November 25th

The next meeting of the UK Smalltalk User Group will be on Wednesday, November 25th. Stephen Travis Pope will present Siren9 and CSL6 - Frameworks and Applications for Sound/Music Creation and Processing. The Siren system is a general-purpose software framework for music and sound composition, processing, performance, and analysis; it is a collection of about 350 classes written in Smalltalk-80 (40 kLOC or so). The current version of Siren (9.0) works on VisualWorks Smalltalk and supports streaming I/O via OpenSoundControl (OSC), MIDI, and multi-channel audio ports. The CREATE Signal Library (CSL) is a cross-platform C++ framework for digital audio signal synthesis, analysis, spatialization and interactive sound/music application development. CSL was developed at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) starting in the late 1990s. This presentation will introduce both package and demonstrate their use together to construct real-time compositional and music synthesis software