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Juan Vuletich - Bootstrap & Dynamic Cuis Libraries - 28 February 2024

 Juan Vuletich returns to the UKSTUG to discuss some recent enhancements to Cuis Smalltalk : Bootstrap and Dynamic Cuis Libraries. Bootstrap: Creating Minimal Images from Scratch > * The last ancestor of Cuis Smalltalk that was bootstrapped from scratch was Smalltalk-76. Since then, various released images of Smalltalk-80, Squeak and Cuis were derived by applying updates to the previous one. A new tool called 'Bootstrap' allows the creation of minimal Smalltalk images from scratch. These images are in the Spur 32 and 64-bit formats, compatible with the OpenSmalltalk VM. 'Bootstrap' gives developers complete control over what is included in the new image. It is compact, relatively simple, and easy to extend and adapt. Dynamic Cuis Libraries : A binary format for Cuis code that is powerful and quick to load > * Dynamic Cuis Libraries are binary files with pre-compiled code that can be loaded into a running Cuis image. They can add new classes and exte