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David Buck - Beagle Smalltalk - 28 December 2022

For our holiday meeting, Simberon 's David Buck will present Beagle Smalltalk. Over the past 8 years, David has been developing a Smalltalk virtual machine. He used it to release two Smalltalk Games written in VisualWorks to run on Andriod and iPhone devices. More recently, he's re-written the VM to use its own bytecode set and written his own Smalltalk compiler to make it a stand-alone Smalltalk environment called Beagle Smalltalk named after the ship that took Darwin on his voyage of discovery. David plans to release this as an open-source Smalltalk to help and encourage kids to explore the world of programming. In this talk, David presents the current status of the project and where he hopes to go with it. David Buck is the president of Simberon - a company that has been providing Smalltalk training and consulting for over 25 years. Along with James Robertson, David produced the Industry Misinterpretations podcast and later the Smalltalk Reflections podcast with Craig Latta.