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Reminder: March meeting tomorrow evening

Tomorrow evening (Mon 9th Mar from 18:00) we will be meeting at the usual venue for beer, food and Smalltalk. For this meeting we have a topic: The ANSI Smalltalk Syntax STEP STEPs are Smalltalk Enhancement Proposals. The The ANSI Smalltalk Syntax STEP is not really a proposal, rather it is capturing the syntax rules expressed in the current ANSI Smalltalk standard ( ANSI INCITS 319-1988) as EBNF . Why do this? Well, the ANSI standards are copyright (to INCITS in this case) and so we can't use the syntax definition as expressed in the standard document in Smalltalk STEPs, so we need a re-expression of the ideas that can be made available under an open license for future STEP work. If you just want to come along for a beer and a chat, that's fine too :-)