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Stephane Ducasse - Pharo: a vision implemented step by step - 31 May 2023

  For our May presentation, Stephane Ducasse will present the vision behind Pharo and how that is been implemented incrementally across multiple releases. In Stef's words: "The vision of Pharo is based on three pillars: - First we want to make sure that Pharo is used to develop complex and robust systems (by complex we means multiple millions lines of code or objects). - Second we want Pharo to be a modular system that can be versatile (Pharo on iot, on large servers, in the web browser….) - Third Pharo should be an evolvable system that can adapt to new needs (modular tools, first class slot, new debuggers, packages…). Sometimes it can be unclear that we follow this vision but over the years we are delivering this vision and we will continue. In this talk I will briefly recall the vision behind Pharo and show the achievements so far. I will show that our development is heavily backed by tests. In the second part of the talk I will focus on the current effort to improve the us